Nahala (Inheritance)

Fall 2012

Telling the Story of Fazeal

Fazael is opening a Golden Agers Center with a project which will encourage a connection between the seniors and the youth. The program hopes to archive and document objects, papers and pictures into a display which will “tell the story” of this special Jordan Valley community. Between the memories of the seniors and the technical savvy of the teenagers, their mutual history will be preserved for generations. They need to renovate and furnish an old building and purchase computers, scanners, printers and monitors. Answer the call and help the people of Fazael with this precious and priceless idea! Where young and old work together, studying their beginnings and sharing an appreciation for the past… the only true guarantee for a promising future.

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Fumio Tako: Telling it Like it is!

…Fumio doesn’t understand how anyone can make demands on Israel to “return” occupied territories to Arab Palestine, when such a nation never existed! Fumio understands that true peace requires two respecting sides and reminds his audiences that Fumio insists that at CJUI there is no room for compromise… “When we say Land of Israel we mean all of it… including the whole Judea and Samaria.” Jewish sovereign rights to Israel were established long before the time of King David. Fumio works with his Jewish friends to educate both liberal Jewish groups and Christians about Israel’s Biblical history, encouraging them to take a stronger stand to support Israel.

Fumio is an Assemblies of God minister but no longer pastors a church. He has chosen to devote himself to preaching about Israel. He sends out regular e-mails about Israel and encourages local pastors who have never been to Israel, to make the trip. “Show them the land. Then, it will hit them. This is where our roots are.”

Pioneers In Our Day

Leah Goldsmith: A True Woman of Valor

When asked how the people of Itamar deal with losing so many loved ones to terrorist attacks, Leah answers with softness and steel in her voice: “We don’t focus on that. We are being tested by those who make a concerted effort to getrid of us while G-d is using us as a vehicle to do His will and live prophecy.” After the Fogel family massacre, many came
to show solidarity. “People came broken, with a mindset of a sad neighborhood. I affected a turnaround. They left, inspired. This is the message that must come out of the Hills of Itamar– a message of vitality.” 

Leah insists that anything that happens in Israel affects the world…

Give Thanks!

Yarden High School – Maaleh Ephraim, Jordan Valley

…Our Agricultural Therapy program is a very special project, a project that, thanks to you, we are privileged to have here in the Jordan Valley, a region so rich with environmental learning possibilities. Students who are referred to us are struggling teenagers who, for one reason or another, are unable to sit through a full day’s curriculum in the Yarden High School. Each child faces his own challenges. But somehow, when they come to Dov, their agricultural counselor, their shoulders straighten, their hearts lighten, and there is a spring in their steps. Because in G-d’s natural classroom, they begin to experience success, a sensation so foreign to them and so desperately vital to a child’s sense of self. The goal is to ke