Nahala (Inheritance)

Fall 2013

Youth is not Wasted on the Young in Maale Shomron

Since Maale Shomron was founded on the principal of mutual tolerance, their teenagers include a wide range of religious observance and they study in a variety of schools. This demands creativity in programming and poses a challenge for innovative thinking.

The two small buildings that serve as youth centers are old and run down, with almost no quality equipment or supplies to provide worthwhile recreation for these young men and women. Comfortable, accessible youth centers will encourage them to connect to one another and become a unit… a unit that can in turn contribute to their community.

Answer the call and help provide a healthy overhaul for this vital and vigorous nucleus of the community.

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Stand Up For Israel

Direct from the Czech Republic: Marcela Folbrechtová

…Marcela admits that she grew up not knowing much about the people of the Bible. In 1996, she worked as an au per in Israel, living with an Orthodox family, being exposed to a Jewish way of life. She observed, first finding things strange, but later becoming fascinated with the customs and festivals. Later, she worked with special needs children and was impressed with the sophisticated level of care available in Israel. “After I came to Israel, the pieces came together. I was very influenced by my visit in the Land.”

Though she went to Agriculture School, she never worked in the field. She became a skilled, professional translator in her native language of Czechoslovakian, German and English. Marcela translates for CFOIC Heartland, on a purely volunteer basis. She receives Sondra’s monthly letters and the Community of the Month flyer and translates them into Czech for a small but dedicated following who greatly appreciate being able to remain connected. She also coordinates and collects contributions for CFOIC from donors in the Czech Republic.

“I am happy to do the work. Nowadays, the economy is terrible. I can’t help financially so I found another way to help.” How beautiful to be able to use your talents to reach out to Israel…

Pioneers in Our Day

Amatzia Haeitan: The Heart and Mind Behind the Lens

…Amatzia feels fortunate that as part of his work he is invited to visit places of beauty in God’s land… especially in the biblical heartland. He films movies for communities, helping them recruit new families and helps municipalities promote new and vital projects. When he produced a film for Har Bracha, the Mountain of Blessing, situated on Mount Gerizim, he was amazed at the steady influx of families, the constant building of neighborhoods and the quality of life.

He travels with Sondra, from the breathtaking hills of Judea to strategic outposts of Samaria. And through his wide-view lens he sees the playgrounds, the security rooms, the youth centers and special education programs. And he listens to the pioneering community representatives speak fondly of their Christian friends from all over the world who make all these projects possible.

“I am surrounded by people who are always DOING, just like I was raised to do. I thank God that I have the opportunity to spread the message of the importance of the settlements of Judea and Samaria. I feel like I am part of something great.”

Give Thanks!

…Last September, just a week before the high holidays, I had a conversation with Sondra about a Christian group that was coming to visit Tekoa. I told Sondra that we would love to host but we would have to discuss the details at a later date, because I was dealing with a tragedy that struck Tekoa just a few days earlier. A mother– a dear member of our community– died in a car accident, leaving behind seven children, five of whom had to be adopted by their older sister because their father had died of a heart attack almost two years before.

Sondra was horrified and asked what she could do to help. Here, in Tekoa, we were so overwhelmed, we could not even begin to think about what needed to be done. Sondra asked how they were going to make it through the holidays. How were they going to take care of the children’s most basic needs? She told me that CFIOC Heartland would take up a collection and send a donation to get the family through the holidays. And that is precisely what was done. Sondra was worried that the family would not have the funds before the holidays so she sent a check with her son to make sure that they would. Thanks to Sondra and the amazing people at CFOIC Heartland the family was able to get through the holidays…
Aviva Yisraeli, Governi