Meet Israeli Pioneers

  • Danny Ehrlich -

    Daniel Ehrlich has been a leader in Jewish and Zionist education for over thirty years. Today, he guides tour groups all over Israel. Just one day touring with him, and you immediately sense the passion this man has for the … Continue reading

  • Yisrael Medad: His Right Word -

    Political advisor, spokesperson, activist, author, journalist and blogger are just a few of the many hats Yisrael Medad has worn during his impressive fortyfive year career working for the people of Israel in the Land of Israel. Visiting his blog … Continue reading

  • Dror Vanunu – Looking Back and Looking Forward -

    It was a hot summer day in August of 2005. Close to 10,000 Jews had been forcibly evacuated from their homes in Gush Katif just a few days earlier and Sondra Oster Baras, Israeli director of CFOIC Heartland, was looking for Dror Vanunu. Dror … Continue reading

  • Shulamit Kaminsky: Not Your Average Valley Girl! -

    If you’ve ever visited the Jordan Valley, chances are you’ve met Shulamit Kaminsky, CFOIC Heartland’s liaison for the Jordan Valley. Just one year after marrying Arnie in New York, Shulamit made Aliyah to Israel in 1972. The couple came with … Continue reading

  • Anat Safrir: A Model of Giving -

    Energetic, amazingly warm and spirited are words that best describe Anat Safrir, a one-of-a kind charity powerhouse in Samaria. These attributes, coupled with her ideology, and “can-do” attitude make her a natural leader. Born and raised in Even Yehuda, near … Continue reading

  • Sandy Bloom: With Love -

    Sandy Bloom, raised in the US with a love for Israel, spent the year after high school, on a kibbutz. She studied Bible, worked in the fields, and grew to love the people of Israel. The year was 1973 and … Continue reading

  • Moshe Kempinski: It’s Time to Talk -

    Growing up, Moshe recalls hearing the shoemaker’s story. People would come to the shoemaker with shoes that needed repair. And this wise man would talk and listen as he worked, unerringly uncovering and discovering a need. And he would mend … Continue reading

  • Rachel Saperstein: Starting Over -

      Rachel and Moshe Saperstein moved to Israel in 1968. “I wanted to live a normal Jewish life,” she recalls. A year later, Moshe joined the Israeli army. During the Yom Kippur War, his position was hit. He lost his … Continue reading

  • Mickey Bar-Neder: Your Guide to Biblical Israel -

      Mickey Bar-Neder’s profession as a tour guide allows him the privilege of traveling the breadth of his glorious land, educating people with hands-on-lessons about Israel’s history, geography and archeology. This summer, Mickey led a Birthright tour, a discovery program … Continue reading

  • Yossi Maimon: Discovering the Land -

      Yossi Maimon is a truly nice guy. He smiles often and readily, causing his eyes to crinkle engagingly, his full mustache adding to his rakish charm. Yossi, proud descendant of Israel’s King David and scholar and philosopher Moses Maimonides, … Continue reading

  • Shulamit Kaminsky: Making the Desert Bloom -

      When Shulamit Kaminsky moved to Israel with her husband as a newlywed, in 1972, she was twenty years old and it was her first time in Israel. Now, more than 37 years later, she has four married children and … Continue reading

  • Noah Mandelbaum: Her Magic Touch -

      CFOIC is proud to introduce some of the brave pioneers who make their home in the communities of Judea and Samaria, and trust you will find these very special people an inspiration.  Noah and her Magic Touch      … Continue reading

  • Rachel Ehrlich: Uncovering Our Past – Recovering Our History -

      Rachel Ehrlich grew up with the pioneering spirit of building and settling communities in Israel. And she continued in her parents’ path. She and her husband, Chanan, lived in Karmei Tzur in Gush Etzion for ten years.  When their … Continue reading

  • Amichai Luria: Fulfilling Prophecy -

      Amichai Luria was only four years old when his family made aliyah from America and moved to Jerusalem.  When he married Yael eighteen years ago, they decided to move to Maaleh Levonah, just a few short kilometers from Shiloh. … Continue reading

  • Anya Antopolsky : A Meeting of Minds, Hearts and Souls -

      While living in Russia, Anya Antopolsky started searching for her religious roots and became more connected to her faith. As she became more committed, she realized that Israel was her homeland, and 12 years ago she left Moscow and … Continue reading

  • Sarita Maoz: A Refugee Once Again -

    For most of us, the word “evacuation” is associated with emergencies or natural disasters, like earthquakes or floods. But for the brave pioneers in Gaza’s communities, evacuation means the very real threat of losing their homes and businesses to political … Continue reading

  • Jay Shapiro: From Philadelphia to Karnei Shomron -

    Jay Shapiro grew up in a house behind his father’s drugstore in Philadelphia, in a neighborhood with few Jews. His parents sent him to after-school classes to study the Bible and he loved it. By the time he was twelve … Continue reading

  • Laurence Beziz: The True Voice of Gush Katif -

      The voice of Gush Katif can be heard from the scattered exile of hotel rooms, dormitories, tent cities and high-rise apartment buildings all over Israel. Not a voice of divisive political mudslinging or baseless hatred, but the strong and … Continue reading

  • Shani Simkowitz: In Love with the Land -

    Shani Simkowitz can’t remember a time that she didn’t know her old family stories. How her grandparents ran from the Cossacks; how her grandmother lived in Jerusalem back in 1900; how her grandfather, a blacksmith, once had the job of … Continue reading

  • Gershon Yonah: Meeting the Challenge -

    Gershon Yonah doesn’t have a lot of spare time. He is a doer, an achiever who is wholly out for the public good, and his story bears testimony to that. He tells of his years as administrator of Nezarim, back … Continue reading

  • Chana: Behind the Scenes in Hebron -

    Chana arrived in Israel for her sophomore year of university, in the summer of 1967, to a country that was still feeling the glow of the miracle which was the Six Day War. Chana was always a doer, so when … Continue reading

  • Natan Greenberg: Soul Searching -

      Natan Greenberg, known back then as Johnny, grew up in the U.S. He visited Israel for the first time at the age of 12 and he was hooked. His second visit was a few years later and he told … Continue reading

  • Raphaella Segal: A Real Pioneer -

      Do you think it’s possible to find a real pioneer today? The kind that legends are made of? In the legendary community of Kedumim, founded in 1975 as the first Jewish community in Samaria for 2,000 years, it isn’t … Continue reading

  • David Goldman: His House of History -

      Born in Detroit, Michigan, David Goldman made aliyah (immigrated to Israel) with his family in 1975, when he was thirteen years old. After high school he enrolled in a Hesder Yeshiva program, combining mandatory army service with Bible studies, … Continue reading

  • Chaya and Shimon Ben-Dor: Their Determination and Desert Outpost -

      It takes special people to settle the Judean Desert. And there is little in Chaya and Shimon Ben-Dor’s cosmopolitan upbringing that would foretell the ability to successfully adapt to the desert’s pace and rugged landscape. Yet despite many hardships … Continue reading