Barkan playground
Barkan Playground
Barkan is a lovely community, blessed with growing families and many children.... read more >>
Greenhouse in Bet Hagai, Israel
Bet Hagai Youth Village
The Bet Hagai youth village provides emotional and spiritual healing as well as physical needs... read more >>
Emanuel Teen Intervention
Teenage girls are at such a sensitive age. Empowerment classes can boost the confidence of... read more >>
Gevaot Sadna horse corral
Gevaot Sadna School
Living a creative life without disdainful looks from unenlightened people is a goal for the... read more >>
Child Therapy in Karnei Shomron
Karnei Shomron Mafteach
Karnei Shomron has always prided itself on excellence in education and has made helping children... read more >>
Karnei Shomron Basketball
Karnei Shomron Sports Club
Established in 1977, Karnei Shomron is now a sprawling regional center, one of the largest communities in... read more >>
Ethiopian Girls in Kedumim
Kedumim Lehava Regional School for Girls
Lehava created a residential program for immigrants, including Hebrew language instruction and remedial lessons with... read more >>
Kochav Yaakov lunch
Kochav Yaakov Lunch Program
No child should go hungry. No child should feel hollowness in his stomach, waiting for... read more >>
Ofra “Heart of Benjamin” Special Needs Camps
Caring for a special-needs child, especially during school breaks and vacations, is a daunting, sometimes... read more >>
Heart of Benjamin march 2015-4
Ofra “Heart of Benjamin” Special Needs Building
Heart of Benjamin provides educational and recreational activities for children suffering from a variety of... read more >>
Ofra Ethiopian
Ofra Girls High School Ethiopian Immigrants
Imagine leaving the undeveloped country you were born in and moving to a new, fast-paced... read more >>