Nahala (Inheritance)

Winter 2012

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Safety and Security Go Hand in Hand in Neve Zuf

Fire in Neve Zuf Neve Zuf is a thriving Samaria community, a close-knit, extended family. In the past, the community suffered immeasurable tragedy due to terrorism. Neve Zuf’s Rapid Response Teams and Fire and Rescue Team are well-trained volunteers who provide vital services in fire, medical and security emergencies. And CFOIC Heartland has been asked to help provide them with the equipment they need to succeed. The people of Neve Zuf realize that those who live in Israel live a different reality… sometimes it’s a struggle just to live in G-d’s land! But while they recognize the dangers, they treasure the richness of their lives. Answer the call and help bring peace of mind for the community of Neve Zuf.

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Mrs. Robin George
Mrs. Robin George

“…Robin George is a refined, genteel woman from Arkansas, who knew little about Israel. She always loved history and “as an adult I wanted to figure out what was going on over there. It was so hard balancing what I read in the news with what I read in the Bible.”  While searching for the truth, Robin discovered a love for the people of Israel. “I see prophecy being fulfilled and my heart is tender for the people who came back to their land.” When this soft-spoken Southerner starts talking about Israel, there is fire in her speech and passion in her voice.

Pioneers In Our Day

“Growing up, Moshe recalls hearing the shoemaker’s story. People would come to the shoemaker with shoes that needed repair. And this wise man would talk and listen as he worked, unerringly uncovering and discovering a need. And he would mend both the troubled soul and the broken sole.

Moshe wanted to be this man…Twenty seven years ago, Moshe Kempinski moved to Israel, and together with his brother Dov, opened Shorashim (“Roots”) in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City …”The shop is a safe place, a welcoming place where we all have the opportunity to talk…not to argue. There is no agenda here…Real growth begins when our discussions become less about debating our differences and more about trying to understand what we both love and don’t fully understand: G-d and the Land of Israel.”…..

Give Thanks!

“…Thanks to you and CFOIC Heartland, our choir will be able to continue its activities. We were not sure we would be able to reopen the Community Choir this coming year, and now we