Nahala (Inheritance)

Winter 2013

To Dream in Yitav 

Yitav is a community of citizens from the Former Soviet Union who have come home to the Promised Land. But dreams are set in reality and they have struggles to integrate into Israeli society. As a result, their children have suffered. Teachers, social workers and guidance counselors joined together and opened “Bayit Cham”, literally “A Warm House”. This welcoming home offers individualized scholastic and emotional help to school-age children and their parents, coupled with understanding, compassion and the opportunity to succeed. Simple yet life-changing!

A church in Aalsmeer, Holland has adopted this community. Won’t you join them in answering the call-in helping these children and their parents become proud members of Israeli society?

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Watching the Mountains Come Alive with Tommy Waller

…Tommy Waller established HaYovel (“Jubilee”), an organization which enables Christian volunteers to come to Israel for harvest and pruning seasons, tending the vineyards and olive groves in Judea and Samaria. HaYovel participants quickly became a valuable source of volunteer labor, giving a boost to Israeli farmers and even some boutique coommuinty wineries.

“I gained great respect for the Jewish people. They are doing incredible, amazing things! and God was making this clear right before my eyes! I felt I needed to bring non-Jews over to see the reality on the mountains of Israel. The battle does not have to be just theirs! We need to be standing in this place, seeing these mountains come alive again…helping these mountains come alive again! Isaiah 61 states, ‘Strangers shall stand and tend your flocks; foreigners shall be your plowmen and vinedressers.’ Those foreigners are us! These are the signs, the stages that have to happen, before the coming of the Messiah.”…


Pioneers In Our Day

…Yossi’s work as a tour guide is a labor of love. Though he will guide anywhere in the country, Judea and Samaria are the closest to his heart. Most of his clients are Christians and he works closely with Sondra Baras and CFOIC Heartland. He finds these Christian groups vital. “I am afraid we are living in a time of darkness, morally and spiritually; the world has lost it’s way. They need us and we need them. They are eager to hear the real message; they so want a relationship with God and I feel we have the chance to make a connection. I feel privileged to live in a time when Christians are looking for guidance.” Yossi realizes that some rabbis are uncomfortable with this association, but insists they misunderstand. “This is an amazing opportunity! Christians aren’t looking for Jews to become Christians and Christians don’t need to become Jews. They just need to be good people.”

Give Thanks!

…Through your generous donations, our Samaria Family Assistance Fund has been able to provide crucial holiday food packages to 850 needy families and monthly food packages to 175 families. This program is vital in helping these families cope until their financial, employment or health situation imp