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What Made Caleb Different?

$1.00 Goal

Find out WHY Caleb didn’t come back from scouting out the land of Israel with a bad report. 

Tekoa Art Center

$32,800.00 Goal

Tragedy has not stopped the people of Tekoa from growing and building; they are strong and determined, and

Kfar Adumim Senior Center

$27,900.00 Goal

You have an opportunity to bless Kfar Adumim’s senior citizens who built this wonderful community. Your donation today

Maale Shomron Security

$9,135.00 Goal

Prevention and foresight are worth a great deal to the people of Maale Shomron. Your help can keep

Kedumim Emergency

$229,000.00 Goal

Kedumim’s residents come to this special area in fulfillment of their belief in the divine promise of a

Bet Hagai Youth Village

$41,710.00 Goal

Bet Hagai is miraculously giving these lost boys a sense of normalcy, a way of pulling themselves up

Havot Yair – May 2019

$1,210.93 Donated
$5,135.00 Goal

Your donation today will provide the funds necessary to purchase vital life-saving communications devices for each one of