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Kfar Adumim – Jan 2019

$27,900.00 Goal

Your donation today will give them the funds they need to provide activities and lunch every day to

A Cry For Help in Israel

$579.57 Donated
$10,000.00 Goal

Today we are asking you to respond to a cry for help.  Your gift will provide the resources,

Rechalim – December 2018

$1,100.00 Donated
$68,500.00 Goal

Imagine coming home and finding that your home had been broken into and valuable possessions stolen? Beyond

Kiryat Arba – November 2018

$6,185.06 Donated
$38,000.00 Goal

Your donation today will provide vital therapy for special needs children living in the very place where Abraham

Samaria Family Assistance Program

$239.90 Donated
$121,400.00 Goal

CFOIC Heartland is asking you to give these families hope. Your donation today will put food on their

Shaarei Tikva Emergency – October 2018

$1,371.17 Donated
$30,000.00 Goal

Your donation today will purchase additional perimeter surveillance cameras, and special walkie-talkies for the Rapid Response volunteers in

Shaarei Tikva Surveillance

$30,000.00 Goal

Shaarei Tikva’s heterogeneous population with its varied backgrounds and wonderfully wide range of ages, from babies to seniors,