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Argaman Entrance

$5,240.00 Goal

The residents of Argaman, both young and old, have put so much effort into their community, working tirelessly

Havot Yair Walkie Talkies

$5,135.00 Goal

Havot Yair is a special place with special people and a special sense of purpose accompanied by tranquility.

Alei Zahav Security

$98,040.00 Goal

The best way to stop an attack is to prevent it. With your donation, we will help keep

Kfar Adumim – Jan 2019

$50.00 Donated
$27,900.00 Goal

Your donation today will give them the funds they need to provide activities and lunch every day to

A Cry For Help in Israel

$10,428.61 Donated
$15,000.00 Goal

Today we are asking you to respond to a cry for help.  Your gift will provide the resources,