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Graeme Smith

Date: 3 Jul, 2019

Again a wonderful report Sondra. What do orthodox Jews believe about life after death, and whether Israel will become the most influential nation in the world? I believe "yes" to the latter because Israel is G-d's chosen people and will be the channel by which the earth will be restored to perfection.

The Charles and Joyce Dixon Family

Date: 3 Jul, 2019

Blessings Sondra and Family, Happy Anniversary and Mazel Tov from our family to yours! Thank you again and again for sharing your thoughts,wisdom and your blessed life with all of us around the world who are so Blessed by knowing YOU! Thank you for sharing with us your home, your family and your wisdom through your teachings of Torah weekly via email and book. My family, my community and Charles and I who live in NC USA and travel to Israel as often as possible for (40) years. When I met you over (20) years and we visited the Biblical heartland with you, our understanding because of you have been Biblically enriched by learning of you and your life choices to share in your contagious jubilation about your reality.

Christine Cameron

Date: 3 Jul, 2019

Many congratulations! What a significant number. (40) May there be many blessed years to come.

Sandy Greyvenstein

Date: 3 Jul, 2019

Mazel tov. We met in 2012 and also bought books from you. Many wonderful memories of our meetings and your insights and a visit you arranged for us in Shomron. May HaShem bless you with many more good years. Shalom from South Africa

John and Ruth Mott

Date: 5 Jul, 2019

Congratulations and Much Blessing as you celebrate your 40 year Wedding anniversary, Shalom and Love, John and Ruth. Cam UK.

Rachel & Bill Millward

Date: 13 Jul, 2019

Wonderful testimony to all about marriage and family. Mazel Tov and grateful thanks from way down in New Zealand for making life in Israel real to hundreds of kiwis (New Zealanders). You both look as though it's still your wedding day - youthful and keen! May the Lord continue to bless and keep you all. The eventual victory is still His. Hallelujah. With fond memories and love - and seriously, "It's been good to know you!"