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Peter Haythornthwaite

Date: 6 Aug, 2019

Such an interesting story of friendship and togetherness over soooo many years because of your love of the Bible. Thank you for the insight Sondra

Marion Sully

Date: 7 Aug, 2019

It all sounds wonderful What a WONDER of G_d Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! So blessed

Graeme Smith

Date: 7 Aug, 2019

Inspirational article. I would love to attend also but G-d has not allowed it this year. With more notice, maybe next? I am a Christian Gentile, and Israel has a very important part in my Christian faith. Some of the titles listed are simply captivating.

Ruud Dankelman

Date: 7 Aug, 2019

Shalom Sondra Baras We like to translate your article, Connecting Generations to the Bible, in Dutch and publish it on our website under Columns or Articles. Do you give your permission. We are searching articles and columnist from out of Israel, about israel. Greetings

Brad Thompson

Date: 8 Aug, 2019

What a wonderful way to spend your time. Thanks for sharing. A little heaven on Earth for sure. May Hashem continue to bless you.

Dorothy Stevens

Date: 8 Aug, 2019

Reading this with joy in my heart and tears in my eyes and envy within (forgive me G-D). What a great week! So privileged to have met you in Aus -with Joy-and would dearly love to be on her trip but it doesn't seem right this year praps next! Shalom Dot

Patricia Taylor-Robinson

Date: 9 Aug, 2019

"... representing for us the spiritual and physical continuity that Judaism is all about". I am not sure if Judaism is the correct word, but I am grateful that Yahweh selected the family of Jacob (Israel) to be a light to the Nations. Through Israel, HaMasiach came, first to the lost sheep of the House of Israel. Then those sheep took the Word of God to the lost sheep of the World. Again, thanks for sharing.