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Chris Crumrine

Date: 13 Aug, 2019

I too had the privilege to walk onto the Temple Mount in 2005. I know the feelings you’re having.... Come Messiah come!!!

Shriyanee Nugawela

Date: 13 Aug, 2019

Together we can. Unity gives strength even in Families. Starts in the family. Hatred will be stagnant. The New Temple will be built on Love. Love that generates from within each being. It gives Light in a dark world. Let's be that New Temple.

Sherry clark

Date: 13 Aug, 2019

Thank you very much (Todah Rabah (?) ).having been to Israel a few times, a longing to return home is constant within me. Knowing that Heaven is my next journey..eases the discontent.

Rana Weigang

Date: 14 Aug, 2019

I believe that Hashem places this mourning in the hearts of all believers. I have not been there but believe I will get there when Hashem allows me to. May your Kingdom come. We await the rebuilding of the 3rd temple soon.