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Community of the Month

Each month, CFOIC Heartland chooses one of our many community projects to highlight for that month. It always represents a real and pressing need of that community and gives you the opportunity to support a different community each month. In presenting the Community of the Month to you, we enable you to glimpse the reality of living in Israel and the dedication of those who

Alei Zahav – September 2019

$98,040.00 Goal

Your donation today will help purchase thermal-imaging cameras and an indicator perimeter fence. These tools will  immediately notify

Ovnat Youth – August 2019

$162.22 Donated
$8,500.00 Goal

Your donation today will furnish the Youth Center in Ovnat with everything they need.  Will you let the

Havot Yair – May 2019

$1,210.93 Donated
$5,135.00 Goal

Your donation today will provide the funds necessary to purchase vital life-saving communications devices for each one of

Kfar Adumim – Jan 2019

$50.00 Donated
$27,900.00 Goal

Your donation today will give them the funds they need to provide activities and lunch every day to

Rechalim – December 2018

$1,185.08 Donated
$68,500.00 Goal

Imagine coming home and finding that your home had been broken into and valuable possessions stolen? Beyond