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Gush Etzion At-Risk Youth

$135,640.00 Goal

The at-risk youth of Gush Etzion need a safe place to grow, socialize, and flourish. With your help,

Sde Bar Security

$19,820.00 Goal

The residents of Sde Bar feel tremendous pride in their wonderful mix of old timers and newcomers, religiously

Einav Communication Devices

$8,500.00 Goal

E#inav continues to grow in its dedication to a life of faith while building families and homes on

Leshem Youth Center

$22,200.00 Goal

The people of Leshem have undertaken so much and are prepared to sacrifice in order to build a

Argaman Entrance

$5,240.00 Goal

The residents of Argaman, both young and old, have put so much effort into their community, working tirelessly

Havot Yair Walkie Talkies

$5,135.00 Goal

Havot Yair is a special place with special people and a special sense of purpose accompanied by tranquility.