Hemdat Library – April 2017

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Children in Hemdat

Books are vital to life in a community

Remember feeling the almost holy hush of your local library? Remember the way your world slipped away as you opened that first page? This is the world of the Hemdat library: A man hurries in and rushes to grab a book for tomorrow’s long commute. Pre-schoolers, prance through the door, clutching books in their hands. An elderly couple shuffles in, looking forward to reading the daily papers. Children come in groups, chattering, swinging plastic shopping bags filled with books. One teenager is walking slowly, a tall pile of books balanced in her hands, her eyes on the opened top volume, as she concentrates on finishing the last few pages before she enters. The door swings closed behind them and it’s quiet.

You are vital to Hemdat!

The library serves all the age groups of Hemdat as well as residents from the neighboring communities of Maskiot, Roi, Bekaot, and Hamra. The Hemdat library has become an important gathering place. Over the years, it has also become a center for cultural events, and has even hosted musical performances, guest lectures, and symposiums. But today, the library has happily outgrown its small space, and the community is now beginning the process of renovating and expanding the existing building.

Typical library in Israel

Hemdat is asking YOU for help in purchasing library equipment and furnishings. They need an updated computer system, children’s center equipment including a puppet theater, more shelving, and of course, more books! You can give the residents of Hemdat and its neighboring communities what they need to enjoy the library for years to come!

Visit Hemdat

Driving through the desolate looking Jordan Valley is an intense experience. The extremely hot and dry climate offsets the acres of greenhouses and date palms that are grown in this incredible place. The stark hills are majestic to behold and create a dramatic backdrop that looks surreal. You will enjoy meeting the friendly and welcoming people who have chosen to make this desert bloom! Call us today to schedule your visit to Hemdat and Samaria at: 800-647-3344.


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