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Children and Youth Projects

Children and Youth Projects enable you to support the most precious resource in Judea and Samaria – the children and youth of Israel, the future of Israeli society. The needs are varied and include day care centers, playgrounds, youth centers and youth programs, education and special education. Indeed, CFOIC Heartland has done whatever it can to ensure that every child, regardless of its need, is given the best chance to grow and thrive.

Argaman Youth Center

$2,700.00 Goal

The youth of Argaman have put so much effort into renovating a space that will become their youth

Bet Hagai Youth Village

$4,972.00 Donated
$41,710.00 Goal

Bet Hagai is miraculously giving these lost boys a sense of normalcy, a way of pulling themselves up

Bet Yatir Youth Center

$14,238.00 Donated
$19,100.00 Goal

Investing in the children of Bet Yatir is an investment in the future of this wonderful pioneering community.

Gevaot Sadna School

$3,681.00 Donated
$20,600.00 Goal

The special needs children of Sadna, are asking for the help they need to succeed and reach their

Gitit Indoor Play Center

$1,000.00 Donated
$2,330.00 Goal

The people of Gitit, by their very presence in a critical area of Israel, ensure the security of

Havot Yair Playground

$305.59 Donated
$3,200.00 Goal

It’s contagious! Havot Yair is inviting you to take part in their new project… in their dream of