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Heartland Highlight

Each month, CFOIC Heartland chooses one of our many community projects to highlight for that month. It always represents a real and pressing need of that community and gives you the opportunity to support a different community each month.

Eshkolot – April 2020

$100.00 Donated
$29,360.00 Goal

Your donation will help install new flooring, doors, and windows, and a bathroom. With your help, they will

Revava Surveillance – March 2020

$129.62 Donated
$16,540.00 Goal

With your generous donation today Revava will be able to install thermal cameras at their most vulnerable locations.

Hemdat Gymboree – February 2020

$333.71 Donated
$10,300.00 Goal

Moms and Dads in Hemdat are asking you to help them purchase the Gymboree and playground equipment they

Hermesh Security – January 2020

$2,469.96 Donated
$14,060.00 Goal

Hermesh is asking you to help them purchase the vital emergency equipment they need for their volunteer Rapid

Sussya – December 2019

$675.60 Donated
$8,350.00 Goal

Your gift to install these benches will ensure that they are able to get outside and feel a

Har Gilo – November 2019

$684.06 Donated
$32,030.00 Goal

Har Gilo is asking you to help them purchase surveillance cameras which will keep the people of their

Shani Livneh – October 2019

$579.96 Donated
$9,800.00 Goal

Your donation today will help renovate an existing building, and purchase the necessary exercise equipment for a well-equipped