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Heartland Highlight

Each month, CFOIC Heartland chooses one of our many community projects to highlight for that month. It always represents a real and pressing need of that community and gives you the opportunity to support a different community each month.

Bekaot Seniors

$3,000.00 Goal

They say you are only as old as you feel. Being active is key to feeling young and

Havot Yair – May 2017

$4,070.00 Donated
$4,500.00 Goal

Beautiful babies, sweet toddlers, precocious first graders, and rambunctious middle schoolers—they all have one thing in common: They

Hemdat Library – April 2017

$5,335.44 Donated
$10,100.00 Goal

Hemdat is asking YOU for help in purchasing library equipment and furnishings. They need an updated computer system,

Efrat – Jan 2017

$7,768.00 Donated
$40,100.00 Goal

Efrat have terror attacks to worry about. Now think about the first responders. How vital is communication for