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Community Projects

Community Projects enable donors from all over the world to assist the communities in Judea and Samaria with their most basic needs. Each project includes a detailed description of the community and its specific need, as well as a budget that indicates the financial components of the project. Whether you are able to donate funds to cover the entire project or can donate a small amount towards a project, your contribution will make a real difference in the ability of the community to provide a vital need to its residents. The CFOIC Heartland Israel office supervises the distribution of funds and completion of the project. Once completed, a plaque is hung in a prominent place indicating that the project has been funded by Christian Friends of Israeli Communities, a testament to the practical import of Christian support for Israel.

Bekaot Senior Center

$3,000.00 Donated
$3,000.00 Goal

Please take advantage of this opportunity to bless Bekaot’s senior citizens who pioneered the Jordan Valley, never growing

Fazael Music Center

$1,000.00 Donated
$2,400.00 Goal

The original settlers of Fazael succeeded in creating a strong and viable community to leave to the next

Gush Etzion Seniors

$14,275.00 Donated
$20,400.00 Goal

The senior citizens of Gush Etzion want to live out their golden years with respect and comfort. They

Havot Yair Community Park

$4,553.00 Donated
$3,200.00 Goal

It’s contagious! Havot Yair is inviting you to take part in their new project… in their dream of

Hemdat Library

$5,435.00 Donated
$10.00 Goal

Please consider investing in the people of Hemdat as they continue building in their growing community. By helping

Karnei Shomron Sports Club

$3,805.00 Donated
$20,500.00 Goal

This is a great undertaking, but one that will bring a lot of spirit and positivity to this

Kfar Adumim Senior Center

$1,264.40 Donated
$29,400.00 Goal

You have an opportunity to bless Kfar Adumim’s senior citizens who built this wonderful community. Your donation

Kiryat Arba-Hebron Museum

$1,000.00 Donated
$28,700.00 Goal

CFOIC Heartland has been asked to assist the museum in subsidizing their innovative programs, so that more people