Rina Shnerb

In Memory of Rina Shnerb – Dolev

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Today we heard the news that a beautiful young girl was horribly murdered near Dolev and Talmon, and her brother and father were also injured in the same terror attack. Every parent’s worst nightmare. Rina was from Lod, but was walking with her father and brother towards an amazingly beautiful and popular spring in the mountains near those two Benjamin area communities.  If you would like to answer this senseless death with life, I encourage you to make a donation today in Rina’s memory. Your donation will be used to strengthen the community of Talmon by helping them create a therapy center and it will help purchase security equipment for the community of Dolev to help protect the people in that entire area and help prevent any future  terror attacks. We pray that her parents and siblings will be comforted with the Mourners of Zion. Please pray for them as they navigate the days, weeks, months, and years ahead without their beautiful daughter.

Eighteen is the numerical value of the Hebrew word “chai” which means “life.” It is a Jewish custom to give monetary gifts in increments of 18, thus symbolically blessing the recipient of the gift with a good long life.

When giving charity, the number 18 has another significance. It expresses our prayer that the merit of the charity given stand in our good stead, that we be blessed with life and prosperity.

85% of your donation designated for a community project goes directly to that community. No more than 15% of your donation will ever be used for administrative expenses. There is no better way to support the people of Judea and Samaria!

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