Einav Surveillance Cameras – July 2019

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How would you respond to a threat against your family?

It is all about family in Israel!

Families need protection in Israel!

Imagine your nearest neighbors regularly threaten to murder you and your children just because they didn’t like who you are and what you represent.  How safe would you feel?  Would you move to a new neighborhood?  What if you knew that living in your neighborhood would ensure the survival of your country?  Would you stay or move somewhere easier and safer?

The people of Einav are faced with exactly this situation.  They have built their community in Samaria.  They are fulfilling their God-given mandate to possess the land.  Unfortunately, they live in an area that is surrounded by hostile Arab villages.  They have a deep love for God, the Bible, and the Land of Israel. They are committed to living in the land despite the challenges they face. They put their trust in God, but they also do what is humanly possible to be prepared for any situation.  And that means being able to see the terrorists before the terrorists see them.

It is a matter of life and death

Einav has turned to you, their Christian friends, and are asking for your help.  Generous CFOIC Heartland donors just like you, recently provided funds for vital communication devices which upgraded their emergency preparedness ten-fold.  But they remain vulnerable because they don’t have enough surveillance cameras.  Just recently terrorists managed to infiltrate the community and it was only the chance encounter with a resident that prevented a terrible attack.  Einav needs to stop the terrorist before he is able to enter the community.

Security cameras save life's.

Security cameras save lives by preventing terror attacks!
Actual footage of terrorist caught on infrared camera

 Your donation today will purchase vital surveillance cameras for Einav, to stop the terrorist outside the community.  Safety is not a luxury they can afford to ignore.  Thank you in advance for making a sacrificial donation to save lives in Einav.  With your help, they will be equipped to respond to even the most dangerous situations.

85% of your donation designated for a community project goes directly to that community. No more than 15% of your donation will ever be used for administrative expenses. There is no better way to support the people of Judea and Samaria!

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