Alei Zahav – September 2019

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How do you start your day?

The beautiful Samaria mountains

The beautiful Samaria mountains

Imagine, waking up first thing in the morning.  Your mind is on your plans for the day, errands you need to run, laundry, dishes, children, the normal mundane things of life. You get out of bed and head to the kitchen for your cup of coffee, still a little sleepy but ready to tackle the day. As you turn on your coffee pot and reach for your favorite mug, you see a cabinet is open —that’s odd you think, something isn’t quite right, so you start looking around, and you see that the house is in disarray, and you realize that you’ve been robbed!

As the reality hits you, your heart starts racing as you run upstairs to check on your children, fearing the worst. What a relief —you find them all safe, still asleep in their beds and you begin to weep. In the night, while you were asleep upstairs with your children in their beds, thieves infiltrated your home and took your valuables. You are so grateful that they didn’t murder you and your family while you slept.  This scary scenario has happened 12 times in Alei Zahav! The next family might not be so lucky and escape unharmed.

Families in Alei Zahav are counting on you

Thermal imaging cameras save lives by preventing terror attacks! Actual footage of terrorists caught on a thermal camera

Thermal imaging cameras save lives by preventing terror attacks! Actual footage of terrorists caught on a thermal camera.

In small isolated communities like Alei Zahav, it is vitally important to keep a watchful eye on every boundary. Preventing a terror attack before it takes place is the only way to save lives.  With the advanced technology available today, thermal cameras and touch sensors, it is easier to protect far-flung communities that border hostile Arab neighbors. But the high-tech equipment is very expensive.

Alei Zahav is asking you to invest in their safety. Your donation today will help purchase thermal-imaging cameras and an indicator perimeter fence. These tools will  immediately notify the security team if a threat is present so that the families of Alei Zahav can be protected. Your gift today will show them how much you care and may well save a life!


85% of your donation designated for a community project goes directly to that community. No more than 15% of your donation will ever be used for administrative expenses. There is no better way to support the people of Judea and Samaria!

Please note that in order to prevent spammers, all online donations must be at least $10, £10 or €10. To send a smaller donation, please contact our office by phone at 719-683-2041 or by email

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