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Laurie Cardoza Moore

Nothing about Laurie Cardoza Moore’s background pointed in the direction of Zionism. She grew up in a Christian home in Nashville, Tennessee, where she never had anything to do with the Jewish people. At one point, she even moved far away from God. But in 1993, she started going to a weekly Bible class and found herself focusing on the Scriptures that spoke of God’s plans for Israel. At that point she realized the huge debt Christians owed to the Jews and she was disturbed by the lack of support for Jews among so many Christians. She turned to God and said, “Whatever you want to do with me, I’m ready.”

In 2002, Laurie read of a lobbyist in Alabama who had managed to pass a resolution supporting the State of Israel, and she knew what she needed to do—get a similar bill passed in Tennessee. Laurie had spent some time as a lobbyist for “Right to Life” and suddenly understood that her previous political activities had been “for just a time as this”—to wake up the church and take a stand. And she set out to do just that. She was met with overwhelming roadblocks at every step of the way, but felt God’s hand leading her in her struggle. The resolution passed and Laurie, fueled by this success, immediately began lobbying for the passage of Resolution SJR675, condemning the recent Palestinian elections. She also began assisting the local Jewish federation with its pro-Israel activities. It occurred to her, that as an actress and producer, and with her husband, Stan, a two-time Emmy-award-winning film producer and director, they had a gift that they could use to proclaim truth to the world. “Israel is fighting a public relations war,” Laurie maintains, “and that means you have to focus always, always, always on the truth.” The result – Laurie and Stan created the documentary series “Focus on Israel “ in the summer of 2003. One film is about a day in the lives of three IDF soldiers. Laurie wants to present them as they are– not as bloodthirsty aggressors, but as kids who simply want to defend their friends, their communities, their land. The second film, titled “The Disputed Territories” will examine the tragedy of disengagement and will show how further withdrawals will weaken the country. Laurie interviewed CFOIC’s Sondra Baras to get an accurate picture of what the expulsion of thousands of Jews from their homes in Gush Katif has done to Israeli society. This is a labor of love and this husband- wife team is gathering footage and interviews as they go. Laurie is horrified at what is being spewed out of the media and when her documentaries are completed, she wants to broadcast them worldwide. “I want to turn the faucet on and drip the truth to the people.” In 2005 Laurie established “”Proclaiming Justice to the Nations” to facilitate dialogue between the Christian and Jewish communities, and to take a stand, together, in defending the State of Israel and bringing issues pertaining to Israel to the world. Their mission is “to combat negative propaganda by exposing the inaccuracies in the media and to shine the light of truth on that which has been ignored or overlooked.” In November of 2006 she will be hosting a mission trip to Israel with rabbis and pastors from Nashville. She believes that there is no better way to encourage dialogue between Christians and Jews than to make a joint trip to the land. She wants to hear about her lost Hebrew roots from the rabbis themselves. Amazingly, the whole summer, as war was waging in Israel, Laurie kept insisting, “I am not canceling. As long as that flight can get into Ben Gurion Airport, I’m coming in. We want Israel to know that we are not going to back down.” Naturally, her convictions touch her home life. She and her husband have five children whom she home schooled when they were younger in order to instill them with proper values. And it bore fruit. Her young son insisted that when he grows up he’s going to be an Israeli soldier and defend the Jewish people. Her 14-year-old isn’t scared of standing up in front of her Christian classmates to defend Israel. Her 18- year- old researched a paper on the topic “Why the U.S. and Christians Should Support Israel.” Laurie sends her prayers, her support and her love to the children of Israel, with a message: “We’re here. Don’t give up. We’re fighting from over here. Remember the God you serve and don’t let the world tell you you’re not a light to the nat