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Rose McKenna – Taking it to the Streets

Israel needs its friends all over the world, and CFOIC’s friends are on the front lines standing up for Israel – even on the streets of Cape Town, South Africa. Rose McKenna, CFOIC representative in South Africa, has been involved with Israel since 1989. Over the years, she has worked as a volunteer in Jerusalem with elderly holocaust survivors, a young Down’s syndrome victim, and a mother of 5 young children who was recovering from a stroke. After her trips, when she returned home, she knew her work on behalf of the Chosen People could not stop. Dismayed by the bias and hostility that Israel has suffered in the media and in the political realm since the outbreak of the Palestinian war of terror in 2000, Rose literally took to the streets… and the rest is history.

Since April 2001, Rose has been organizing weekly shows of support for Israel outside the Houses of Parliament. She started out on her own – a one-woman crusade to sound the voice of love and support for Israel. Soon others joined her – and her work helped galvanize the efforts of the local Jewish community as well. Before long, there were between 8 and 25 people every Friday, displaying posters of support and Israeli flags. The people of South Africa saw that Israel has friends despite the hostility of the press and diplomatic community. Rose’s selfless work is a shining example of how one woman can make a difference. In December 2003, Rose was one of 22 South African participants in the 150-strong solidarity mission organized by Bridges for Peace. It is no wonder the local Jewish community sponsored Rose McKenna’s participation in the tour, in appreciation of her dedication to Israel and the Jewish people. During that tour, Keren HaYesod hosted a special ceremony honoring Rose, where she received a certificate of appreciation. Always humble, Rose sees herself as an extension of the vital work of CFOIC, “God bless you all as you work hard to get the truth about Israel, to the four corners of the world.” Thank you and God bless you Rose! You are an inspiration to us