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CFOIC Video Library

Revelation TV Interview With Sondra Baras WATCH NOW

50th Anniversary of the Liberation of Judea and Samaria


Sondra speaking watch it now

Sondra speaking at an event in Columbus, OH

Tali and Miya watch it now

Mafteach, the Karnei Shomron Special Ed program helps children with developmental delays, learning disabilities, and emotional difficulties. This is the story of two special children… Hear Tali and Miya’s story from their mother Rikki.

love over comes watch it now

The Karnei Shomron Yeshiva High School for boys provides quality Biblical and regular education to boys from all over Samaria. But those with learning disabilities and emotional difficulties require special attention. This is their story.

 Levav – A Love Story Watch it now

Heart of Benjamin helps children with severe mental and physical handicaps through their afternoon, summer, and holiday programs. This is the story of one special child who benefits from YOUR donation to Heart of Benjamin.

Gevaot: A place to call home Watch it now

Sadna is a program for physically and mentally handicapped children and young adults. The people of Sadna have created a special community in Gevaot. A place where special needs people are part of every day life. A place where they are accepted, where they belong, a place they call home.

Love in Bet Hagai Watch it now

The community of Bet Hagai in Judea is home to boys coming from dysfunctional backgrounds. Here they find new purpose, strength, education, understanding and a family who loves them. Thank you for helping to change their lives in Israel.

The Faces from Heart of Benjamin! Watch it now

Watch the faces of Heart of Benjamin light up as they are touched by love.


Biblical Heartland RebornThe Biblical Heartland Reborn! Watch it now

What is Judea and Samaria?  How did Israel come to be in possession of this land and who are the brave people who have settled here and why?  This short video lays the foundation for the Jewish presence in the heart of Biblical Israel in a clear and inspiring manner. Watch this film and share with friends and acquaintances far and wide.   This film is the key to greater understanding of the settlement movement.

Voices of Faith from Israel  Watch it now

The people of Judea and Samaria have sacrificed a great deal to settle in the Biblical Heartland: terrorist attacks, boycotts, housing freezes, threats of expulsion, and the actual destruction of the communities in Gaza.  But throughout, their faith has kept them strong and kept them focused on G-d’s purposes for His people and His land.  Hear these voices of faith and let the people of Judea and Samaria inspire you.


Journey Through Biblical Israel Watch it Now

Judea and Samaria is where so much of the Bible took place. But it is also home to 360,000 people. Watch this clip and experience the heart and soul of Judea and Samaria, the Jewish people thriving in the Land promised to them by God!

CFOIC Heartland Project UpdateChristians Make A Difference in the Biblical Heartland Watch it now

CFOIC Heartland has been working hand in hand with the people of Judea and Samaria for more than a decade to support vital humanitarian needs in the biblical heartland.  This film enables you to meet the people who are our partners in the land.  Listen to the amazingly moving stories of those who have sacrificed everything to obey God’s commandments.

Thank You DVDThank You! Watch Full Version   or   Watch the Abridged Version

This film is CFOIC Heartland’s way of saying thank you to the friends and supporters of the communities over the years. You will meet some of the people who have been helped by CFOIC Heartland. Their stories will make you glad to have become a part of CFOIC Heartland’s vital work in Israel.

Gush Katif: 1000 Days Without a HomeGush Katif: 1000 Days Without a Home Watch It Now

Close to three years after the disengagement from the Gaza Strip and the destruction of the Jewish communities in Gush Katif, this film provides an updated view of what has happened to these people, where they are today and why they need your support.

Interview with a “Settler”: Rabbi Natan Greenberg Watch it now

Rabbi Natan Greenberg, Dean of the Bat Ayin Yeshiva, shares his vision of religious Zionism, the theology and ideology behind the settlement movement.

An Interview with Sandy BloomInterview with a “Settler”: Sandy Bloom Watch it now

Sandy Bloom of Bet Yatir shares her personal story about being a victim of a terrorist attack while on a bus in the Jordan Valley.

An Interview with Sondra BarasInterview with a “Settler”: Sondra Oster Baras Watch it now

Meet Sondra Oster Baras, Director, CFOIC Heartland – Israel. Sondra shares her own personal story of Aliyah and commitment to the settlement movement.

An update on the Middle East Peace PlanPeace Plan Update Watch it now

The truth, and the dangers, about the recent negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, launched under the auspices of President Bush at the Annapolis Conference in later 2007. Watch this short film and understand why we must not be silent in the face of international pressure against Israel.

Cry! for the Beloved CountryCry! For the Beloved Country Watch Trailer Now

An excellent introduction to the settlement movement. The film will enable you to understand why the Jews have come back to the center of Biblical Israel, to Judea and Samaria, and why their very presence is essential to the continued security and spiritual needs of the State of Israel.

Days of Elijah ConferenceCFOIC at Days of Elijah Conference (2008) Watch It Now

Sondra Oster Baras addressed the Days of Elijah Conference in Ft. Worth Texas, September 2008. Watch this film of her talk and learn more about the situation in Israel. Pass on this clip to your friends and neighbors to enable them to understand why Christians must stand with Israel today.

Voices from the DevastationVoices from the Devastation Watch It Now

Catch a glimpse of the reality of life as experienced by the Gush Katif refugees, the thousands of Jews who were forced from their homes in the Gaza Strip in August of 2005. The film explores the emotional and spiritual reactions of Gush Katif refugees and their counterparts in Judea and Samaria.